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    Designer love: COMMUNION by Joy

    One of the amazing designers I met while in Los Angeles was Joy Smith, creator of the jewelry lineCOMMUNION. I've admired her work for a while and we became friends via Instagram. Her pieces have meaning and a very rough edge - you know they are handmade, but at the same time they are elegant!

    Refined bohemian is the best way to describe this jewelry - it is meant to be worn by women with a strong sense of self. Made for jewelry lovers who want more meaning in pieces they purchase.

    Joy is a doll. She is genuine and so passionate about what she does. Joy believes that jewelry making is spiritual and has a deep connection with her designs. They all represent protection, someone protecting you like a guardian and having the confidence and tools to protect yourself.

    Each piece is slightly one-of-a-kind and made using lost-wax carving.

    See more designs here - the ring below is on my to-buy list!

    Meeting Joy and spending time with both her and her cute (energetic) daughter made me love and respect the line so, so much more!

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