Fit for a Princess

Fit for a Princess


Aloha Loves,

I wanted to share with you a creation that has been so magnificent, it nearly felt like a dream. It has been such a Divine honor and a privilege to create such a sacred piece quite literally fit for a Princess!

Read below for the story of how this magical proposal between a Shaman and a Princess manifested, and shop your very own one of a kind engagement rings + wedding bands, fit for royalty!


* The Shaman and the Princess *

A Divine Union

My dear friend Shaman Durek approached me with a task straight from a fairytale - he wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, and for me to create his dream ring!
I was so overjoyed, but also totally nervous to be creating something so monumental. We spent 6 months collaborating to create the Emerald and Diamond ring, selecting the emerald as a representation of the unconditional love, strength and resilience of the heart.

As Shaman Durek announced his engagement, I was so moved by his words: "Together as a soulful spiritual couple, we will use our power to support the people to create a world based in love and acceptance. Changing the world through our love."

Star-Crossed Lovers
The Rose Gold ring features a 3.5 carat Brazilian Emerald, surrounded by a halo of 19 diamonds, with four trillion-cut diamonds surrounding the face, each representing the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

It has 12 additional diamonds around the shield-shaped face of the ring, designed to protect their sacred bond, and three additional diamonds on either side of the ring to represent Princess 
Märtha's three daughters.

The infinity detailing on either side of the ring is symbolic of the Nordic symbolism representing the intertwining of two beings, and the love knot carved beneath the underside of the ring symbolizes their Sacred Union.

I am so, deeply happy for the two of them - you can feel the unconditional love radiating between them, and I feel so grateful and honored to have created a piece representative of their bond.

You can read more about their magical engagement
beautiful photos captured by @Babak_Golkar

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