sacred jewelry to guide you on your journey in life

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I'm so excited to make you meaningful pieces for the most wonderful time of the year.

Receive it in time for Christmas!

One of a kind pieces can be shipped until December 16. Custom made-to-order pieces and international shipping deadline has passed.

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Guardian Diamond Pear Ring

* one of a kind *

guided by the divine light

* classic Communion bestsellers *

Creative Light Supreme Ring

* guided by the fire within to help find one's purpose *


Eye of Love Band

* finding the beauty and light in life, looking at everything with the eye of love *

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Pyramid Fire Ring

* represents the spark of creativity that lives in us all, encouraging you to ignite the flame *

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A Meditation

Close your eyes and breathe in gold light in and out 3x. Watch it as it cleanses your entire body, feeling lighter and lighter. There is no fear only love! You are a child of the Divine pure and perfect. Light of Light, Love of Love! So be it ALL.

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Queen Tourmaline

* one of a kind ring *

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* new! featured styles *