sacred jewelry to guide you on your journey in life

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Pyramid Fire Ring

*the light that always guides our way


strength in spirit

pieces to invoke empowerment, recognizing your own strength

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you are miraculous ✨ perfect ✨ and loved ✨ just the way you are.

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Guardians to Love

Totem talismans to guide and protect you.


Creative Light Supreme Ring

* guided by the fire within to help find one's purpose *


Ear Candy

studs, hoops + one-of-a-kind earrings


One of a Kind

Guardians unlike any other.


Layered in Love

find your next totem to treasure

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Eye of Love Band

* finding the beauty and light in life, looking at everything with the eye of love *

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A Meditation

Close your eyes and breathe in gold light in and out 3x. Watch it as it cleanses your entire body, feeling lighter and lighter. There is no fear only love! You are a child of the Divine pure and perfect. Light of Light, Love of Love! So be it ALL.

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* paintings of joy *

Enchanted Lavender Pink Spinel

one of a kind

guided by love



* one of a kind rings *

Mystic Cross

holds the divine light's love

and harmony.

You represent the rose

and it's petals unfold

to receive light and love



* sacred medallions *

Joy, I am moved beyond anything I can even describe to you. The beauty of this ring makes me speechless, but the love and light bursting through when I look at it is what is moving me the most. I will never be able to thank you enough for creating this, but more importantly providing a new life and energy to this ring, one that I can proudly and happily pass along to my daughter one day. I am eternally grateful to you for what you have done here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Laurel Clark

"a unique jewelry line that has an edgy bohemian feel, with each design created using the lost wax method. This technique allows the designer to sculpt each piece, giving it many unique attributes unlike the average piece of store-bought jewelry. Another aspect that sets Joy apart is her spiritual aesthetic. She meditates before creating and designing - the positivity carries through in her jewelry."

- Love Gold

“She's an incredible artist who pulls stories from wax to create powerful talismans. Her rings feel like tiny sanctuaries, quiet places to return throughout the day to be reminded of the strength, beauty, magic, and enchantment of being a woman. “

– Lulu Brud

Temple of Light Ring

helps you remember that

you are always guided and protected

by the light of your inner spirit



* classic Communion bestsellers *

* The Journal *

Warrior of the Light

It is so important, that in a time of chaos and unknowns, we turn to love instead of fear. That we channel strength, from deep down within ourselves, instead of...

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Rise in Love Ring

activates our heart

to give and receive love

inspired by the LOVE

that created us

and the universe



* L O V E *

About COMMUNION by Joy

Communion - noun. The act of sharing one's thoughts and emotions with another or others; intimate converse.

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