Love as a Force for Healing

Love as a Force for Healing

* Looking Fear in the Face through a Lens of Love *

 I have been waiting for the right moment to share, what has transformed my life the last few months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last September 2021.🎀 It was a complete shock to me and I couldn't even talk about it without crying for a few months. 
✨ I am cancer free and staying that way today ✨
luckily they caught it early, took it out and all my margins are clear, and have just completed my radiation treatment! 💛

When I found out,  I thought "what? why?" and after several months of delving deep into my soul with the help of reading several Anita Moorjani books (her story has really helped me) 🌺
It has taken a lot of conscious work, but I am transforming fear into love and laughter. I had no idea how much fear I had around everything... my faith was definitely tested. 🕊
Now it's baby steps of looking at my fears with some laughter and love.
 I feel all your love always and this is making me more of a warrior and a creative force! I love you all, I am so grateful you are here. 💛
✨ Here are some books, cards and jewelry pieces I have been working with that helped me enormously through this journey from fear into love:
  • Featuring: Rebecca Campbell's Oracle Cards and Kyle Gray's Keepers of the Light Cards
  • Anita Moorjani's incredible books; her story uplifted, inspired and empowered me, giving me strength and the courage to fully embrace my Faith.

🕊🌟 I was also recently featured on my dear friend Ashley Wood's podcast, "A Line Within" talking all things healing and how I truly believe The Wound is the Gift - the lesson, the teacher, the healer, if we choose it to be and allow ourselves to step out of the darkness of fear and into the light of love. You can have a listen to that episode here!

✨ Shop my:✨

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