Warrior of the Light

Warrior of the Light

It is so important, that in a time of chaos and unknowns, we turn to love instead of fear. That we channel strength, from deep down within ourselves, instead of instantly reacting to media panic and pandemonium.

We should choose to meditate, do yoga, stretch, breathe, paint, draw, read, count our blessings and connect with our loved ones – instead of spiraling and giving in to worry. Remember: it's okay to feel fear - it's about what you choose to do with that fear, so it doesn't own you.

I am choosing to seek Love and Strength as my focused mantras. I hope you will join me.


My two of a kind Turquoise hearts encourage inner-strength, the power of open communication, and fierce love – all qualities I believe signify what it means to exhibit Love and Strength.

I opened one of my favorite books, Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho to boost my motivation and ignite some inspiration in light of the bombarding of stress-energy. Warriors of light persevere - they go into battle. Warriors of light are not perfect - they bring fear into the light, so they can transform it. The more we stifle our anxieties, the bigger they feel - but speaking them into existence and allowing it to flow through us is the healthiest form of release. In alignment with his words, I seek clarity amongst inner-strength and a warrior mindset:

Warriors of Light are in the world; they often ask themselves what they are doing here. They ask questions. They keep looking for a meaning. And, in the end, they will find it.”

I hope it lends you as much courage as I found within its pages, as this is the time to read, to grow, to expand, and to reconnect with ourselves.

Reading this book reminded me I need to be tapping into the energy which created the Sacred Medallions collection in this turbulent time.

This collection has been and continues to evolve from a place stemming from absolute ownership through discovery of our innate inner-power, that spark that lies deep within, that light that never goes out.

We must remember to take stock of that power and choose not to give it away to outside forces. This is where our power truly lies – within ourselves, our hearts, our choosing.

Connecting to Joan the Warrior, her fearlessness and emboldened attitude;

the Spirit Dove Medallion, reminding us to take time for peace and gratitude while practicing mindfulness;

the Spirit of Inspiration Medallion, remembering to harness creative fire in a time of unrest.

As always, I send an abundance of love and gratitude to you and your families as you come together in this time,

Joy xx

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