2020: My Intentions + New Year's Mission

2020: My Intentions + New Year's Mission

Hello loves, and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the roaring 20’s – I can feel this year is full of powerful energy which holds the ability to catapult us into an entirely new energy field. This is the year to manifest all that you’ve been dreaming about, to take the leap you’ve been on the fence with, and to create the life you want and deserve.

I can’t wait to make so much new magic for all of you in the new decade. It is my honor to translate my love of creating into wearable totems of strength, empowerment and healing to all of you.


I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I love having an intention for the year and encapsulating it within a word.

My Goals for this year are:

* to be more present in everything I do, especially with my family.

* to read more about Jesus’ life and teachings, and how I can put that to work in my own life and in the creative work I do.

* to practice compassion with myself and with others.

* to start every day with one thing I am grateful for, and to lead my whole day with that thought.

My word for last year was BALANCE. I have been thinking about this word from last year which meant taking time for work, being present with my family and not forgetting to take care of myself. I feel I did a good job overall in leading my life through a Balanced mindset, but one area I noticed could use a little more work was being more present with my family. It was a tough one for me, I spend a lot of time with them but being present during our time together is another story!

Therefore, my word for 2020 will be PRESENT – my mission is to be present in everything I do and truly be with whoever I am with.

To expand on my connection with Jesus, I have always felt a deep longing to further my understanding of the Christ consciousness through the unconditional loving energy held in Jesus’ energetic vibration.

It is through meditation that I have connected to this consciousness more and seen blue orbs, which are linked historically to embody His energy. Over time, in Akashic, Shamanic and Psychic healing sessions, I have been told we are linked, even related (which makes sense, as Universally we are all One). But this year I would like to take my learning a step further by re-reading and processing the Bible in its entirety.

The BIBLE is representative of basic instructions before leaving earth, as taught to me by my first spiritual healer. It is the word of LOVE which was born from the darkness, and brought to light. It is a guide for navigating life through sorrow, battles, celebrations and joy. I am currently reading it with this inspiration and applying it to my life in its true spirit. I have always felt my art was a reflection of the Divine, and my creations are born from this love. From the Christ consciousness of relentless, unconditional, universal love, through my hands, to your heart.

I look forward to continuing our cosmic journey throughout this new year.

Thank you for spending your time with me.

Sending an abundance of love and gratitude,

* Joy *

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