Illumination: Agnes Pelton + the Temple of Light

Hello loves! I wanted to begin sharing with you the daily tools of inspiration I keep in my back pocket, like artists and books which keep me inspired, passionate and ignited to create. This week I’m combining both!
One of my absolute favorite artists is Agnes Pelton. I love her because not only was she a spiritual mystic, but her art, to me, portrays a new way of looking behind the veil of the Earth displayed in art.
In the book Illumination, this piece (also titled Illumination) embodies the feelings of winter, hope, a Divine source of unconditional light and love. The title of this exhibition is described as “heavenly transcendence and the promise of truth providing enlightenment to an unsettled world.”
The Temple of Light ring was created as a Luminous talisman, born from a similar inspiration I drew encapsulating our connectivity to our own inner spirit, remembering we are always guided and protected by our own light.
As winter approaches and we settle into the season of giving, gratitude and grace, I take time to reflect on what this year has offered, what lessons can be taken away, what blessings I am surrounded by, and how powerful we can be when we choose to connect to the Earth, the Source, and our own magic.
With Love and Gratitude,
Joy xx