Self-Love & the Christ Consciousness Effect

Self-Love & the Christ Consciousness Effect

Hello loves!

Being that it’s “Love Month”, I have been mindful in practicing my intention for this year and becoming more present with those I love. I wanted to touch on the exceedingly equal important practice of self-love, and what that means for me.

Self-love is often neglected, as we can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, within the routine of taking the kids to school, working, running errands and balancing a social life – we can accidentally slip into the movement and forget to fill up our own reserves. While I do avidly meditate each morning as I wake up to set my day with intention, there are plenty of other forms of self-love I find equally as important to sprinkle throughout my month:

Taking myself on a solo-date to the movies, making time to create a ritualistic bath, curling up with an enchanting book, splurging on an exquisite meal, scheduling in a facial, and writing in my gratitude journal, are all ways I feel able to reconnect to myself and spend some time pampering my spirit after a long stint of go-go-go. After all, how can I expect to be totally present and able to give myself fully to my family and loved ones if I’m not starting with myself.

In my most recent readings, I’ve been delving into the Bible and deconstructing its teachings. I’ve always felt a strong connection to Jesus and Mother Mary, releasing the typical restraints surrounding the religious aspect. I believe so firmly in the teachings of the way of Jesus, his compassionate, selfless and unconditional love as the pinnacle of everything he taught and embodied, which is the energy I strive to connect deeper with as my teachings continue. It is this love energy, this Christ consciousness of presence, Divine light and absolute joy, that connects me most deeply with my Self, my Soul, and my Passion.

In working more deeply with this energy, I feel so aligned to his teachings and the methods of what it means to have unconditional and fearless love – for the self, for the creative force, and for the planet, with all its beautiful inhabitants, that I strive to let flow freely from my hands and into the work I create

The Guardian Hearts of the Universe are all pieces encapsulating what it feels to me to be enraptured with love, the heart of the Universe lives within all of us, we just need to embrace it and feel worthy to receive its abundance, miracles, love and grace – reminding us we are gifts from the heavens, and are deeply loved. 

With love and gratitude,

Joy xx

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