The Power of the Stars & Moon

The Power of the Stars & Moon

Universal elements such as the stars and the Moon draw us closer to ourselves and the Universe as a whole. Each provides a sense of connection within, bringing us together in a communal sense. We all crave inner strength and peace, and by harnessing power from elements like these, we allow ourselves to grow in these areas.

The Inspiration and Symbolism of the Stars & Moon Collection

*We are made to shine bright like the stars in the sky and to harness the power of the Moon’s life force into our being*

 My heart has always felt drawn to the power of the Universe and craving to be connected to this power in any sense. By crafting a collection based on stars and moon elements, each piece allows our souls to be connected with their power. This is such a majestic reality and I wanted all to feel brought into this light and love. By seeing and wearing these pieces, you are brought into the magical vibration of joy and healing.

“We are born of light and made in love.” - Joy Smith

Starburst Moon 

The Starburst Moon Bracelet provides a reminder of the pureness and light we are born from. This piece encourages us to radiate from within endlessly in all of our moments.

Guardian Aquamarine Star 

The Guardian Aquamarine Star Necklace represents the connectivity between the stars and our soul. This piece brings us closer to embracing the unknown present in the Universe, finding a sense of home in this mystery.

Love Aquamarine Star Ring

The Love Aquamarine Star Ring is a special piece to me as I have always felt personally drawn toward the color blue. This ring symbolizes the infinite aspects of our being, inspired by Pablo Neruda’s “Poetry”

Guardian Green Tourmaline Star

The Guardian Green Tourmaline Star Ring draws vibration of love towards you and therefore, embodies inner healing for the heart. This piece opens you in ways you could not have imagined -- trust in its power and goodness.

Stars & Moon Meditation

*Close your eyes and see all the stars surrounding you and feel them giving you their light and charging your being.

You are getting brighter and brighter and now ready to go into the world to bring others into your light and vibration.

Bringing sparks of love and beauty everywhere you go.*

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